Medicare for All Dead Already


Medicare for All has come and gone already. That’s the opinion of insurance analyst, Robert Laszewski. He knows what he’s talking about.

The proof is in the response by Democrats to Senator Elizabeth Warren’s rollout of her Medicare for All plan. Until she laid out the details of her plan she had the greatest momentum of any presidential candidate. But since the rollout her numbers are dropping fast and Mayor Pete Butigieg is the latest darling of the left. It seems that even Democrats can’t stomach Medicare for All.

According to the Real Clear Politics average of national Democratic primary polls, Warren has dropped from a high of 27% in October’s average to 16% at the end of November. In New Hampshire alone, her support fell by half, while she lost five points in Iowa during the same period.

The reason for this plummet in the polls is obvious – voters don’t believe her claims that Medicare for All will lower healthcare costs and not require huge tax increases on the middle class. Avik Roy, healthcare economist, states, “Elizabeth Warren’s health care plan could increase the deficit by more than $15 Trillion over decade. The Warren plan is overly optimistic in its effectiveness at raising tax revenue without harming economic growth. In addition, the plan will incentivize soaring demand for health care services, increasing health care spending.”

Laszewski says Warren is already backtracking from her Medicare for All plan by advocating the Public Option for ObamaCare. She now says she would first enact a voluntary public option, toward an eventual move to Medicare for All, over a period of three years, as she built public support for a single-payer system.

This is precisely the Biden plan, and the Obama plan, and the Pelosi plan, and the Harry Reid plan – exactly what they all stated before the passage of ObamaCare. They all want to get to a single-payer plan eventually – just as soon as they can convince enough voters to go along with them!

I wrote an earlier post called Democratic Healthcare Choices in which I described three different Democratic healthcare plans of presidential candidates that all arrive eventually at the same destination – single-payer healthcare. There was the immediate approach of Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren, called Medicare for All, which promised single-payer within 4 years. Then there was the middle of the road approach of Kamala Harris that promised single-payer in 10 years. Last, but not least, there was the Biden plan of single-payer healthcare sooner or later. Different roads to the same destination.

Now that it is clear, (just as in 2010) that the timing isn’t quite right, yet, for immediate elimination of all private health insurance – as Medicare for All demands – Warren will wait a little longer like Biden to eliminate your private health insurance when it is forced out by the Public Option. (To understand why that is inevitable, read my post Pubic Option Kills Private Insurance.)

That leaves only Sanders still advocating for immediate Medicare for All, but that’s not surprising since it was his idea in the first place. But don’t think for a minute any of the other candidates will spare your private health insurance. It’s only a matter of time until every Democratic presidential candidate will put us all on government-controlled healthcare.