Biblical Insights for Voting


In the immortal words of Yogi Berra, “It’s like déjà vu all over again.” Four years ago the Christian community was rocked by news of the “Access Hollywood” videotape that showed then-candidate Trump making sexually provocative comments over ten years earlier. Christians had to stop and react to this by asking themselves the question, “Can I vote for Trump?” I responded then with a post called Can Christians Still Support Trump?

Four years later people of faith are asking themselves the same question. We’ve had four years to listen to Trump – perhaps the most vocal and accessible president in modern history. Trump is brash, bellicose, self-promoting and prone to hyperbole about his accomplishments. He takes no prisoners and responds ferociously when attacked by his detractors. He can be boorish at times but gracious at others. Can people of faith vote for Trump?

When I wrote in 2016, the alternative choice was Hillary Clinton. Her sins were easily enumerated then and we didn’t even know the full extent of those sins in 2016. Today we know that the only party guilty of collusion with Russia was the Democratic Party and Hillary was firmly in charge. Just recently released classified material shows they worked closely with the Russians to defeat Trump in the election and then turned around and accused him of exactly what they were guilty of themselves. James Comey, the FBI Director was a big part of that effort, but now he can only reply under oath, “I don’t seem to recall.”

This year Trump’s opponent is Joe Biden. Biden has been in Washington for 47 years serving in the House of Representatives, the Senate, and the White House. You’d think we know all about Biden, but the moderate Joe of the last 47 years has disappeared and a much more radical left liberal has emerged in his skin. The Biden who supported the Hatch amendment for all those years now says he supports taxpayer-funded abortions right up to the day of birth. The Biden who supported the Senate filibuster all those years now won’t answer the question whether he favors ending the filibuster, packing the Supreme Court, and adding two new states, the District of Columbia and Puerto Rico. The old Joe would have immediately dismissed these ideas.

But the real question Christians and Jews should be asking is What does the Bible say about the policies of each candidate? The Bible doesn’t tell us the best immigration policy, tax policy, or which energy plan for the future is best. It doesn’t tell us which healthcare plan we need, how to deal with the Covid virus, or if college education should be free. But it does give us four commands that can guide us in our voting.

The Sanctity of Life

God is the creator of all life and therefore clearly teaches in His Word that all life is sacred, including the unborn (Genesis 1, Psalm 139). As Christians and Jews, we must support life in all circumstances. Joe Biden is a Catholic and says he believes the Catholic Church teaching that abortion is wrong. Yet he supports “a woman’s right to choose” abortion in his politics and has evolved from the Clinton years of “safe, legal, and rare” to abortion anytime right up to the day of birth. Clearly Biden will not protect life.

President Trump is easily the most pro-life president in our nations’ history, lending his support to the Right-to-Life movement and even speaking out against abortion in other nations at the United Nations. In a recent speech to a gathering I attended, Secretary of State Mike Pompeo said the Trump administration has withdrawn all federal aid to any country that promotes abortion. In keeping with his campaign promises of 2016, President Trump nominated two pro-life judges to the Supreme Court, Neil Gorsuch and Brett Kavanaugh, and both were confirmed. His recent nomination of Judge Amy Coney Barrett, a devout mother of seven and a strong pro-life conservative, is in keeping with that tradition.

The Sanctity of Marriage

God created marriage as the union of a man and a woman (Genesis 2) and His Word clearly teaches He opposes homosexuality (Romans 1; I Corinthians 6). While we are all called to repentance of our sins and to love one another, the Christian and Jewish communities cannot condone gay marriage any more than they can condone adultery.

President Obama and Vice-President Biden originally ran on a platform opposing gay marriage in 2008, but after their re-election in 2012, they both endorsed it. This seems like another issue where Joe Biden says he opposes it for himself, but not for others. Trump supports traditional marriage between a man and a woman. While he experienced marital dysfunction in an earlier life, his marriage to First Lady Melania has been quite successful by all appearances and his children have been free of scandal, unlike Biden’s son, Hunter.

Religious Freedom

This country was founded by those seeking religious freedom who were persecuted in their native lands. It is the bedrock of our country, but recently has come under attack by Supreme Court decisions by liberal justices concerning gay marriage, ObamaCare contraception mandates, and attempts by Democratic governors to shut down houses of worship during the Covid pandemic.

Liberals want to attack our freedom of religion by calling it a freedom of worship. By this rhetorical sleight of hand, they seek to diminish our freedom to only what we can do in our private lives. This allows them to limit our freedom in the public sector, such as forcing people of faith to bake wedding cakes, provide flowers, or photographs for gay marriages.

Trump supports maintaining our freedom of religion and has called out those governors who have obstructed our First Amendment rights to worship (Psalm 95, Psalm 100, Hebrews 10). Do you believe Joe Biden would have the courage to stand against any further restrictions of that freedom by the left?

Support of Israel

Lastly, it is imperative that we support Israel. God has declared He will bless those nations that bless Israel and curse those nations that curse Israel (Genesis 12, Psalms 122, Psalm 128). America’s prosperity for many years can be directly attributed to God’s favor. But if our nation turns its back on Israel, we can no longer expect God’s blessing.

The Obama/Biden administration was the most hostile to Israel in our history. Rather than support Israel, they chose to befriend the Palestinians and to negotiate the JCPOA agreement with Iran, paying them billions in cash and guaranteeing them a path to a nuclear weapon in 10 years. Secretary of State John Kerry, under their administration, said it was impossible to broker peace in the Middle East without an agreement first with the Palestinians.

The Trump administration took a new approach. After the Palestinians turned down their terms for a peace accord, they negotiated with the Sunni-Arab nations. They earned their trust by repudiating the JCPOA with Iran, and eliminating Iranian strongman, General Qasem Soleimani. Trump demonstrated his strong support for Israel by recognizing Jerusalem as their rightful capital and then moving the U.S. embassy there as a tangible sign of friendship. These moves solidified the support of Israel and the Sunni-Arab nations, facilitating the recent signing of the Abraham Accords with United Arab Emirates and Bahrain. More Sunni-Arab nations such as Saudi Arabia are expected to follow soon.

There you have it; four commands taken from scripture by which we can judge the policies of our presidential candidates. While Joe Biden may have privately held beliefs, as he claims, his political positions compared to Trump’s are as follows:


President Donald Trump is:                                     Vice- President Joe Biden is:

  • Pro-Life                                                               Pro-Choice (abortion)
  • Pro-Marriage                                                    Pro-Gay Marriage
  • Pro-Religious Freedom                                Anti-Religious Freedom
  • Pro-Israel                                                           Anti-Israel


The choice is simple for those who want to follow Biblical teaching, either as Christians or Jews, as well as all who value their religious freedom. Be sure to vote!