A Simple Election Choice – Just Got Simpler


(Author’s note: Since I first posted this on 9/21/20, much additional information has made this election choice even clearer. Today I will add that information in italics to the original post so you can compare.)


Most Americans in this next election will be voting either for President Trump – or against President Trump. Very few will actually be voting for Joe Biden. Even the Democratic party seems to believe this since they made their convention all about what’s wrong with President Trump, rather than talking about what’s right about Joe Biden.

This is understandable. President Trump is certainly a polarizing figure and the media has embraced that fact by waging a four-year war against his presidency. This has been good for their business, but not for the country. But when all is said and done what really matters is how your life will be impacted when they announce the winner of the election. In other words, which party’s policies will be to your greatest benefit?

Let’s break down the policies of each candidate and see how they will impact you.


Your Healthcare

Joe Biden says he wants to “strengthen ObamaCare”, but he is beholden to Senator Bernie Sanders and the socialists in his party who are pushing for Medicare for All, a government takeover of healthcare. He wants you to believe he doesn’t stand with them, but he has proposed a “Public Option” addition to ObamaCare, which will lead to socialized medicine in just a few short years. (see Public Option Kills Private Insurance) Even his running mate, Sen. Kamala Harris, has endorsed Medicare for All and admitted this will mean the elimination of all private health insurance.

President Trump has greatly improved ObamaCare by eliminating the perverse Individual Mandate, lowered premium costs and deductibles by creating Short Term Limited Duration policies, and approved enhancement of Association Health Plans and renewable plans. Despite the lies Biden is telling in his ads, Trump will preserve your private health insurance and coverage for your pre-existing conditions.

The cost of the Biden Public Option has now been calculated to increase the federal debt by $800 Billion over ten years. Taxes for the typical middle-income family would rise by an inflation-adjusted $3,900 to pay for the public option and keep debt below 150% of GDP in 2050. (see Biden’s Public Option Paid by the Middle Class)


Your Covid-19 Risk

Joe Biden would have you believe that if he were president, the Covid pandemic would have turned out differently. He even has the nerve to blame all Americans deaths due to the virus on President Trump. What would Biden have done differently if he were in charge?

The answer is nothing. Don’t take my word for it. After Biden recently released his plan for treatment of the viral pandemic, The Wall Street Journal editorial board said, “The Democratic nominee is also promising a better virus strategy, which would be wonderful if he had one. But the virus plan he’s pushing is little different on the substance than what the Trump Administration is already doing.” (see Biden’s Covid Plan is Trump’s Plan)

The Trump administration has fast-tracked development of a Covid-19 vaccine and there are nine different companies worldwide currently in Phase 3 trials of their respective vaccine candidates. Release of a successful vaccine may take place as early as October, according to a spokesperson for Pfizer/BioNTech pharmaceuticals. This would be a record-breaking achievement and the Trump administration can take credit for greasing the wheels of this progress through the regulatory process. (see Vaccine Progress Due to Planning) Do you really believe Joe Biden could have done any better?

As the Covid pandemic spreads throughout the world, Europe has just called for reinstitution of widespread lockdowns. Joe Biden has said he will do the same here in the U.S., while President Trump is calling for more re-opening of our economy.

While scientists have vacillated on their recommendations, a clear consensus is emerging from the experience of the last eight months that lockdowns cannot prevent the spread of the virus and only contribute to even greater misery through increased deaths from other illnesses including untreated cardiovascular disease, diabetes, cancer, and mental illnesses. Rates of domestic abuses, drug addiction, suicides, and poverty are skyrocketing as a direct result of these lockdowns. A better plan is vigilant protection of the most vulnerable while avoiding lockdowns for the rest of the population. (see Epidemiologists Reject Political Correctness)


Your Taxes

Joe Biden has openly declared he will raise taxes by an estimated four trillion dollars. He claims this will only impact “millionaires and billionaires”; specifically, he pledges no new taxes on Americans making $400,000 or less per year. He’ll need that much and much, much more to pay for his Green New Deal, free college tuition and free healthcare for illegal immigrants.

But University of Chicago economist Casey B. Mulligan reminds us that Obama/Biden made a similar pledge to not raise taxes on anyone making “$250,000 or less”, but went on to raise taxes in multiple other ways through the Affordable Care Act and numerous new government regulations. He says most of these taxes impacted people earning less than $50,000 annually. Mulligan has calculated the burden of reviving the regulations eliminated by Trump, which Biden plans to bring back, and estimates the poor will suffer the most. He states the costs to the bottom group of earners amounts to 15.3% of their total income, a burden equal to all the taxes they currently pay. In other words, the tax burden of even the poor will double under a Biden administration.

President Trump greatly reduced taxes in the Tax Reform Act of 2017 for all taxpayers and he has pledged further tax reductions in a second administration. His removal of numerous regulations has stimulated the economy and lowered your tax burden even further. Which president will keep your taxes lower?

We now know the approximate real cost of the Biden tax plan. A study by the Hoover Institute says the Biden plan would reduce full-time employment per person by about 3%, lower the capital stock per person by some 15%, and reduce real GDP per capita by more than 8%. This would mean 4.9 million fewer working Americans, $2.6 Trillion less in GDP, and $6,500 less in median household income. (see Biden’s Tax Plan Revealed)


Your Safety

Joe Biden and the Democratic left has allowed police to be vilified in the media and allowed violence to ravage cities across our nation. Crime and murders are up all across the nation. Their sympathies for Black Lives Matter and Antifa have fostered a time of unprecedented anarchy and promoted the unchecked violence against police, leading to defunding of police departments and the murder of 43 police officers so far this year. How safe do you feel under a Biden presidency?

President Trump has supported police throughout this time of violence and condemned the acts of cowardly violence against police and innocent business owners in our cities. As a result, nearly every police union in the country has endorsed Trump for president – a significant departure from the past. It’s clear that the police believe Trump will provide more support for them than Biden. Who are you going to call when you need help if the police are no longer available? (There’s a reason why gun sales are at an all-time high across the nation!)

Your Children’s Education

Joe Biden says he supports more funding of public schools. But he sent his own children to Catholic schools. He says he care about children and their education, but he supports the teachers’ unions and brags “You don’t just have a partner in the White House, you’ll have an NEA member in the White House.” He has declared “No privately funded charter school – or private charter school would receive a penny of federal money.”  (see Biden Chooses Teachers’ Unions Over Students)

President Trump supports School Choice which makes it possible for parents to choose the best school for their children, regardless of their economic level. This has opened doors especially for minority children and enabled them a piece of the American dream. The Wall Street Journal has called this “The Year of School Choice” and former Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice has called school choice, “the civil rights issue of our times.” Which candidate will give your children the best chance for a good education and economic future?

Your Religious Freedom

Joe Biden likes to tell you what a good Catholic he is. He and his children attended Catholic schools and he pledges his unwavering support for the Catholic diocese. Except he doesn’t seem to let his religious beliefs influence his politics. He supports abortion on demand right up to the day of birth – even though the Catholic church strongly condemns abortion. The Obama/Biden administration doggedly forced nuns to provide contraceptives and abortifacients to their employees as mandated by the Affordable Care Act and refused to grant them waivers when they objected to this infringement on their religious freedom.

President Trump has been the most Pro-Life president in our history. He has appointed pro-life Supreme Court and lower court justices and worked tirelessly to defend the unborn. He is the only president to speak out at the United Nations against abortion. He has spoken out against those state governors who have limited your right to worship during the viral pandemic. Which president do you believe will better defend your religious freedom?

President Trump nominated Judge Amy Coney Barrett to the Supreme Court to fill the vacancy caused by the death of Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg. Judge Barrett, a devout Catholic and conservative originalist judge, was confirmed this week by the Senate and took the oath of office in the White House. She will be an excellent protector of life, liberty, and religious freedom on the Supreme Court for years to come. Is there any chance that Joe Biden would have nominated such a fine Christian conservative if he had the choice? In fact, Biden refuses to deny he will support Democratic ambitions to “pack the court” to overthrow this new conservative majority and undermine our freedoms in the future.


Your Economy

The Obama/Biden administration was responsible for the slowest economic recovery after a recession since World War II, 75 years ago. Although the recession of 2008 ended in June, 2009, their economy never once reached an annual GDP increase greater than 2% in the next seven years. They raised taxes and greatly increased regulations, which stifled the usual economic rebound after recessions. Biden has already promised more taxes and more regulations. How do you think the economy will respond?

President Trump produced the greatest economic recovery in the history of our country in the first three years of his first term. We experienced over 3% GDP growth, record highs in the stock market, and record unemployment numbers, especially for blacks and Hispanics. The only thing that could stop this economic juggernaut was the Covid-19 pandemic. Who do you believe will be best prepared to return our country to the economic success we had just before the pandemic; the man responsible for the last economic boom or the man who was a part of the worst economic recovery after recession in the last 75 years?

Your World Peace

As I write these words, the world has witnessed the first breakthrough in Arab-Israeli relations in the last fifty years. The Arab nations of United Arab Emirates and Bahrain have signed peace accords, known as the Abraham Accords, with the nation Israel. Former Secretary of State John Kerry under the Obama/Biden administration stated emphatically this could never happen if diplomacy did not directly involve the Palestinians.

Yet President Trump did make it happen and it is a reality today. More Arab nations are expected to join these nations in signing peace accords in the near future. According to four-star General Jack Keene, this only happened because Trump rejected the JCPOA agreement with Iran, which paid Iran billions and paved the way forward for them to produce a nuclear weapon. Furthermore, Trump eliminated Qasem Soleimani, the Iranian general most responsible for terrorism in the Middle East, winning U.S. support from the Sunni-Arabs. These two major achievements paved the way for these historic peace accords between Israel and the Arab nations.

Biden strongly backed the failed Middle East policies of the Obama/Biden administration and their support of Iran. Trump has revolutionized Arab-Israeli relations by rejecting Iran and supporting Israel and the Sunni-Arab nations. His new approach to foreign relations made this historic peace deal possible. Which one is better equipped to produce lasting peace in the Middle East?

President Trump has just brokered another peace accord, this time between Israel and Sudan. This makes three peace accords in the last two months and more Sunni-Arab nations, including Saudi Arabia, are expected to join these peace accords soon. He has been nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize for these achievements. We know Biden could never have achieved the same since he was a part of the failed Obama/Biden policies of the past.


A Simple Choice

It’s easy to dislike President Trump. He is egotistical, bellicose, prone to self-congratulatory statements and self-promoting exaggeration. Joe Biden seems like a nice guy – the guy next door. But this election is about much more than personalities. It’s about policies and their impact on our lives and our country; not which man you like better.

Which policies will produce a better America for us and our children? You make the choice – but it’s really very simple. Just vote for what makes sense for you and your family – and leave the personalities of the candidates out of the decision. What you say matters – but what you do matters more.

Lastly, the character of Joe Biden is now under serious challenge. Recent information about the Hunter Biden business relations with Ukraine, Russia, and China implicate Joe Biden. A Hunter Biden laptop computer full of emails reveals theses shady business practices. Furthermore, Tony Bobulinski, the CEO of the Biden enterprise Sinohawk Holdings, has come forward with testimony of personal meetings with Joe Biden to discuss these “pay for play” business dealings and supplied plenty of evidence to back up his claims. Yet Biden still claims “I have never discussed with my son or my brother or anyone else anything having to do with their businesses. Period.”

If all this sounds new to you, you’re probably not reading The New York Post, The Wall Street Journal or watching Fox News. The rest of the mainstream media, including Twitter and Facebook, have tried to block this story since it was first reported by The New York Post. Democratic politicians, like Rep. Adam Schiff, have tried to dismiss this as “Russian disinformation” even though DNI Director John Ratcliffe has publicly declared there is no evidence of Russian involvement in this story. The sycophantic media has promoted this “Schiff disinformation.”

At this late date there are probably few Americans undecided in this election. For those of you who remain so, these updates should convince you this election decision just got simpler.