Clinton v. Trump on ObamaCare Replacement – Part I



ObamaCare is dying. The only question now is what kind of healthcare plan will replace it. Here are the plans of Clinton and Trump to replace ObamaCare:

The Clinton Plan

Hillary Clinton resurrected the long dormant plan of progressives to introduce socialized medicine into our system in 1993. This has been the liberal nirvana since the days of President Teddy Roosevelt. Roosevelt supported the concept of national health insurance but never actively pursued legislation to implement it. In 1906, the American Association of Labor Legislation (AALL) began work to achieve this concept. At that time the emphasis was on something called sickness insurance, which was designed to provide money for lost wages as well as the cost of paying for medical care. The Socialist Party of America proposed socialized medicine through national health insurance as early as 1928 in their party platform.

The Health Security Act of 1993, better known as HillaryCare, was proposed by President Bill Clinton and named for the First Lady, Hillary Rodham Clinton, who chaired the task force that devised the plan. Shortly after his inauguration in 1993, President Clinton assigned the First Lady the task of reforming health care, a major promise of his presidential campaign. He made a major speech on health care reform in September, 1993 in which he called for an employer mandate to enforce all employers to provide health insurance coverage to all employees through closely regulated health maintenance organizations (HMOs).

HillaryCare called for every U.S. citizen and permanent resident alien to become enrolled in a qualified health plan and forbade disenrollment until covered by another plan. It established minimum coverage standards and maximum annual out-of-pocket expenses. It encouraged the establishment of corporate “regional alliances” of providers subject to government controlled fee schedules. Lower income citizens would pay nothing for health care. The Federal government would control the plan but it would be administered by the States, much like Medicaid.

The Task Force chaired by Hillary Clinton was heavily criticized for its secret proceedings and sparked litigation for violation of the Federal Advisory Committee Act (FACA), which requires transparency in government. Ultimately, the White House won the litigation battle when the First Lady was deemed to be a government official and not a mere private citizen for purposes of not having to comply with the procedural requirements of the FACA.

Opposition was not limited to the Republican Party. Democratic Senator Daniel Patrick Moynihan of Massachusetts stated “There is no health care crisis. . . there is an insurance crisis”. He also said, “Anyone who thinks (the Clinton health care plan) can work in the real world as presently written isn’t living in it.” Failing to convince even the Democrats, HillaryCare never came to a vote in Congress.

But ObamaCare changed all that. With majorities in both houses of Congress, the Democrats passed this legislation without a single Republican vote.

Now that ObamaCare is destined to failure in its present form, Hillary is pushing for changes that are guaranteed to lead to socialized medicine – her original goal. She is presently calling for:

  • Caps on spending for families – which means more taxpayers support. If nothing is done to fix the problems of ObamaCare that have led to exorbitant prices then the prices will keep rising – but the taxpayers will be called upon to bail out the failing insurance companies.
  • Lowering the age of Medicare eligibility to 55 – which means even more taxpayer support. The government will be picking up the Medicare Part A portion of all these new Medicare enrollees which will drive up the government cost of Medicare – which is already on the road to bankruptcy. Only higher taxes will make such a change possible.
  • A “Public Option” – this will ultimately lead to the failure of the private insurance companies leaving everyone with only one option – government subsidized and controlled healthcare. That’s socialized medicine. For more on this subject see my earlier posts (Public Option Without Congressional Approval?) (ObamaCare Death Spiral Approaching).


So history and her present policy plans for ObamaCare make it very clear that Hillary Clinton’s plan for the replacement of ObamaCare is socialized medicine. Investor’s Business Daily recently reported some alarming statistics that compare socialized medicine in Canada and the United Kingdom with our healthcare system in the United States:

  • Percentage of men and women who survived cancer five years after diagnosis:
    • U. S. – 65%
    • England – 46%
    • Canada – 42%
  • Percentage of patients diagnosed with diabetes treated within 6 months:
    • U. S. – 93%
    • England – 15%
    • Canada – 43%
  • Percentage of patients needing hip replacement that received it in 6 months:
    • U. S. – 90%
    • England – 15%
    • Canada – 43%
  • Percentage needing to see specialist that see one in one month:
    • U. S. – 77%
    • England – 40%
    • Canada – 43%
  • Number of MRI scanners per million population:
    • U. S. – 71
    • England – 14
    • Canada – 18
  • Percentage of seniors with low income who are in “excellent health.”
    • U. S. – 12%
    • England – 2%
    • Canada – 6%


Lest you believe the progressive rhetoric that socialized medicine is an improvement over our current system, the above statistics should end that argument. I need only remind you that there’s a reason that Canadians and others who live under socialized systems come to the United States for their healthcare (if they can afford it.) Socialized medicine in every country that has tried it has led to decreased access to healthcare as government struggles to control the cost of providing it. We cannot let this happen in our country, too.

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