Clinton v. Trump – The Real Issues – Part II


In Part I of this post I discussed the most important issues facing the voters in this election based on a Pew Research Center poll in June, 2016. The top three issues discussed were the Economy, Terrorism, and Immigration. The next three issues of Foreign Policy, Healthcare, and Supreme Court appointments will be discussed today.

Foreign Policy

As Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton is closely tied to the foreign policy legacy of President Obama. Though she resigned from that position in 2013, she still bears responsibility for her four years in that role and she continues to support Obama’s current foreign policy.

The Obama foreign policy has produced a series of disasters that have produced chaos throughout our world. Our allies no longer trust us and our enemies no longer fear us.

These disasters include the “Russian re-set” introduced by Hillary that led to dismantling plans for missile defense programs in Poland and the Czech Republic initiated by President George W. Bush. Russian president Vladimir Putin responded by invading Ukraine and occupying the Crimean peninsula. Putin has continued to be aggressive on the world stage, especially in Syria as the Obama administration failed to back up talk of so-called “red lines” with any action.

Obama-Clinton supported the overthrow of the government of Libyan president Muammar Qaddafi that led to his murder by his own people. But the void left behind led to the uprising that resulted in the deaths of Ambassador Chris Stevens and three other Americans. Libya remains a hot-bed for terrorism today with no stable government in sight.

Obama-Clinton wasted the successful “surge” of President Bush in Iraq by failing to negotiate a Status of Forces Agreement. The resulting complete U.S. troops withdrawal created the void that enabled ISIS to form and terrorize Iraq and Syria. We are still fighting this battle today.

Perhaps the greatest potential disaster of all is the unconscionable deal negotiated with Iran by President Obama and Secretary of State John Kerry. Rather than prevent Iran from developing a nuclear weapon, it insures that they will indeed have such capability, at least within ten years but much more likely sooner. Iran got everything they wanted and more and the U. S. got nothing more than empty promises.

Iran has already violated many of the terms of this deal and is using the billions they received to support terrorism. Although Hillary was not directly involved in this negotiation, she has nevertheless extolled the alleged virtues of this disastrous deal and continues to defend it. Yet it represents an existential threat to Israel, stability in the Middle East, and even to the United States.

Trump has no foreign policy experience, but also no record of foreign policy disasters like Clinton. While he has been highly criticized for his praise of Putin, that praise in no way means he approves of him. He respects his strong leadership, albeit in an evil cause, and wants America to have strong leadership, too. President Reagan believed in “peace through strength” which meant a strong military and the will to use it when necessary. Trump supports this policy. We need leadership willing to stand up to bullies in the world like Putin and unwilling to tell our enemies what we won’t do – as Obama and Clinton seem unable to resist.

Health Care

Hillary Clinton proposed HillaryCare in 1993, a forerunner of our current ObamaCare, that failed to achieve support in Congress due to her obsession with secretiveness and the loss of freedom that healthcare would have produced. Now that ObamaCare is rapidly imploding, she wants to “fix it” with more government control and the creation of a “public option.” Ultimately she wants a single-payer system like Canada to give her complete government control. This socialized medicine will cost more, provide less, and make Americans wait longer for their treatment just as Canadians do now. (For more on this see my earlier post Clinton v. Trump – ObamaCare Replacement Part I.)

Trump is now on record to repeal and replace ObamaCare. His replacement plan is sketchy on details but will most likely follow the proposals of House Speaker Paul Ryan or the Sessions-Cassidy bill that sounds even better. Both will be a big improvement over the current system. (For more on this see my earlier posts Sessions-Cassidy Healthcare Plan Solves Problems – Part I and Sessions-Cassidy Healthcare Plan Solves Problems – Part II.)

Supreme Court Appointments

In my opinion, this should be the number one priority for conservative voters and all those who value our Constitution and our freedom. The next president will appoint a minimum of one new justice and possibly as many as five in the next four to eight years. The impact of these appointments on the future of our country will be greater than any other decisions the president makes because these are lifetime appointments.

Hillary has made it clear she will appoint activist justices who will interpret the law according to her perceived needs of the culture rather than according to the Constitution. Progressives like Clinton believe in a “living Constitution” that evolves with the times rather than conforms to the wisdom of our forefathers and the legal precedents of the last two hundred and forty years. Even the appointment of one more liberal justice with her point of view could change the future of our country forever.

Trump believes in appointing justices that will defend the Constitution and has already chosen twenty potential appointees as vetted by the conservative organizations The Heritage Foundation and The Federalist Society. While not guaranteeing a conservative appointment, there is reasonable hope of a justice to replace conservative icon Antonin Scalia who will honor his legacy.


While not making the top six on the list of issues, education represents a key cross-over issue that interests both Democrats and Republicans. Ironically, Democrats show a higher level of interest with 73% considering it “very important” while only 58% of Republicans agree.

This probably reflects the fact that minorities favor the Democratic Party and are also more adversely affected by the current educational system. Understandably these minority Democrats are concerned about their children getting a good education.

But the solution to the concerns of all parents about the educational opportunities of their children is school choice. Hillary Clinton represents a continuation of the status quo system of education that puts the needs of teachers’ unions ahead of the needs of children. She favors school choice only within the existing public school system.

Trump favors school choice for all children wherever they want to attend school, public, private, or charter. This gives parents the freedom they need to find the best education for their children. On this issue alone, minority communities should support the candidacy of Trump – for the sake of their children! (For more on this see my earlier post Clinton v. Trump – The School Choice Divide.)


While the behavior and character of both candidates is disturbing, the stark differences in their policies should make choosing a candidate easy. They represent two vastly different visions for America.

Clinton wants an increasingly socialist America where the government provides healthcare, education, and welfare for everyone in need – at the place and time of the government’s choosing. She believes that only she and her ilk are capable of making these decisions for you. She will do everything in her power to control your life including changing the Constitution to fit her agenda.

Trump wants to return America to its former greatness through a strong military, a better economy through tax cuts that stimulate business, and a better healthcare system that returns the freedom to choose your own doctor. He respects the Constitution and will work to appoint justices that will defend it. This is the America we have known for most of the last 240 years. This is the America we need again.


In summary, the candidates represent these choices:

Clinton – more government control, more taxes, less security, less freedom

Trump – less government control, less taxes, more security, more freedom


America – it’s your choice. What kind of America do you want?


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