Congress Repeals ObamaCare


The House of Representatives passed legislation repealing most of ObamaCare. The bill already passed in the Senate by a 52-47 vote. Two Republicans joined all the Democrats in opposing the legislation.

President Obama is sure to veto this bill so some would say it’s meaningless. But the legislation is more than symbolic. It is evidence that the Republican Congress is doing what the people elected them to do.

The Wall Street Journal editorial board commends Republicans with these words:

“This achievement is all the more notable for traveling through the regular channels of constitutional government, without Armageddon-style confrontations or blowing up century-old Senate rules, as some activists have demanded. The bill passed through patient, unglamorous legislative work, with House and Senate Republicans working together to make policy advances instead of degenerating into infighting and recriminations as usual.”


They are referring, of course, to the Democratic leadership of Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi who stifled the usual legislative process in the interest of furthering their liberal agenda. While both parties have every right to try to pass their priorities when they have the majority, it should not be at the expense of violating the Constitution or the legislative process that has served the country well for over two hundred years. ObamaCare was railroaded through Congress without a single Republican vote and as a result has been a contentious issue ever since.

The importance of this legislation is to clearly define the two sides of this issue in the presidential campaign of 2016. It has become increasingly clear to people on both sides of the aisle that ObamaCare is failing. The Wall Street Journal makes this statement:

Liberal spin can’t disguise that the law is failing on every level other than expanding coverage – as if anyone ever argued that a new entitlement couldn’t reduce the uninsured rate. The huge premium increases and other disruption in the health0care markets that the critics predicted explain why the law continues to be so unpopular with the public six long years after passage.”


This issue is once again a clear election-year winner for Republicans. Just as it led them to retake the House of Representatives in 2010, and the Senate in 2014, it should lead them to retake the White House in 2016. It’s not too late to clean up this “train wreck” with the right Republican leadership.

Hillary Clinton knows this so she’s already addressing the issue on the campaign stump. Recently in Iowa she said, “They have no plan. The Republicans just want to undo what Democrats have fought for for decades and what President Obama got accomplished. So we need a President, just as President Obama will, to veto that. I don’t think the stakes could be higher.”

Clearly she is more concerned with preserving a liberal achievement, no matter how badly it hurts the country and the people, rather than admit the law is failing. All Americans should take that statement seriously. If you want to improve the healthcare system in this country for you and your children, you’d better elect a Republican president before it’s too late.

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