Corona Virus, Flu, or Seasonal Allergy?


Our world has been turned upside down in the last couple weeks due to the Corona Virus Pandemic. Schools are closed, sports have come to a grinding halt, travel is greatly restricted, and everyone is fighting hard not to panic.

Everyone is acutely aware of their own health at this moment which raises some legitimate concerns. How do you know if you have the Corona Virus? How can you tell the difference between the Corona Virus, the Flu virus, or just a seasonal allergic reaction to Spring with all the trees and flowers blossoming and hay fever season in full swing?

These are good questions and affect many individuals. Before you call your doctor, who is probably overwhelmed right now with others calling, check your symptoms against this guide to differentiate which might be the source of your trouble:

Testing is not necessary unless you’re pretty sure you have the Corona Virus. Even then, the test results are only needed to measure how contagious you are to others. In all three situations, drink plenty of fluids, get plenty of rest, treat symptoms with OTC remedies, wash your hands frequently, and self-quarantine if you believe you have either Corona Virus or the Flu. Notify your doctor’s office and follow their recommendations.

Remember, over 80% of both Corona Virus and Flu cases can be treated at home. For seasonal allergies, the number approaches 100%. Keep calm and use good judgment. We’re going to get through these difficult times if we all work together and follow the CDC guidelines.

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