Failing ObamaCare Leads to HillaryCare – and Socialized Medicine


If recent polls are accurate we’re facing the real possibility of a Hillary Clinton presidency. What will that mean for health care?

By her own admission, the current healthcare system “was HillaryCare before it was called ObamaCare.” In 1993, as the First Lady under President Bill Clinton, her husband gave her the task of overhauling our healthcare system. The Health Security Act of 1993, as it was called, failed to garner enough Democratic votes in the Senate and therefore never became law.

Former Senator Phil Gramm, writing in The Wall Street Journal, recalls that time in a recent Op-ed. He says HillaryCare failed due to its precisely defined program details and cost-control measures that exposed its massive government takeover of healthcare at the expense of our freedom of choice. President Obama learned from her mistakes and deliberately left out as many details as possible and promoted the clear falsehood that “If you like your plan you can keep your plan. If you like your doctor you can keep your doctor.”

As ObamaCare becomes increasingly unpopular and unaffordable, even Bill Clinton recently referred to it as “the craziest thing in the world.” But this is no off-message comment by the former president. It is setting the stage for the rebirth of HillaryCare – which was always the goal from the start.

The progressive goal of the last hundred years has been socialized medicine. The current politically correct terms used are public option, single-payer healthcare and Medicare for all. You will not hear Clinton or any of her minions using the “S word.”

HillaryCare and ObamaCare were always intended to lead to complete government takeover of the healthcare system. Although President Obama likes to defend his namesake, the defection of liberals like Bill and Hillary Clinton signals the next step in bringing the country toward the previously politically unacceptable move to socialized medicine.

Hillary’s Mindset

Gramm gives us a peek into the mindset of Hillary by his recollections of 1993. He says the decisions of HillaryCare’s National Control Board would have determined every allowable benefit and treatment, and would have been final – not reviewable by any agency or judge. What finally broke the back of HillaryCare was the provision imposing civil penalties for providing treatments not allowed by the regional cooperative and criminal penalties for accepting a separate payment for providing such care within a cooperative.

He explains: “Families were forced to pay into the regional cooperatives and medical providers had to provide all medical care through the cooperatives or operate completely outside them. Since few families could afford to pay the cooperative for health care and then pay for additional care, and few providers could afford to operate totally outside the system, any real healthcare choice would have been extremely limited, very expensive and available only to the highest income families. When challenged to defend the loss of freedom HillaryCare entailed, congressional support collapsed and no effort to resurrect it was made until ObamaCare.”

In other words, when people learned that HillaryCare would take away their freedom to choose their doctor, support for the bill collapsed. That’s why Obama lied about ObamaCare to avoid the reality of that same loss of freedom. Gramm puts it this way: “Seldom in any free society has a purposeful lie led to a greater loss of freedom.”

The Reality Today

Fast forward from 1993 to 2016 and ObamaCare is failing rapidly with private insurance carriers pulling out of the healthcare market or raising premiums and deductibles to prices few can afford. Though government subsidies may keep people insured, the use of that insurance to receive healthcare treatment is still severely limited.

President Obama and Hillary are both resurrecting the call for a “public option” which will compete with private insurers to provide healthcare. Since the public option can afford to lower its prices and lose money, because it will be bailed out by the taxpayers, the demise of the private healthcare insurance industry is just a matter of time. When that happens we will default to a single-payer system – which means complete government control. The intent of progressives for the last hundred years will become reality.

Gramm concludes with these words of warning: “For the ObamaCare of today to be transformed into the HillaryCare of 1993 and finally into a nationalized healthcare system, a president is needed who has the willpower to impose the coercive details, nail down hard deadlines and unleash agencies to tighten controls and squeeze the life out of private insurers. In 1993 Hillary Clinton unapologetically proposed to do just that. If she is elected president she will have the unilateral power under Obamacare to do it. The loss of what remains of Americans’ healthcare freedom is an election away.”

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