Healthcare Progress is Happening


There are many mysteries in the world of politics, but none greater than Democrats running on their healthcare track record. The Party that gave us ObamaCare has managed to convince many people – and the mainstream media – they are the ones who can fix the healthcare system.

This is the same Party that passed the Affordable Care Act (ACA), now known as ObamaCare. It was accurately described by former Democratic Senator Max Baucus as “a train wreck coming.” It has lived up to his prediction.

For the next four years ObamaCare failed to deliver on all of President Obama’s promises and not once was it polled at an approval rating of greater than half the country. Yet today we’re being told it is “more popular than ever.”

There are two reasons why the Democrats have been able to sell this false narrative that they can be better trusted with your healthcare. The first is that the GOP failed to successfully repeal and replace ObamaCare as they promised in the campaign of 2016. The blame for this lies on the now buried shoulders of Senator John McCain – and all of the Democratic senators. The second is the blatantly biased reporting of the mainstream media – a group of journalists who have forgotten their job is to report the news, not promote the propaganda of their favorites.

Few in the media give President Trump and the GOP credit for improving your healthcare. Fortunately, the Wall Street Journal editorial board has remained neutral in this media war with Trump and continues to promote the truth over “fake news.”

The WSJ says the Trump Administration rolled out a rule last month on health-reimbursement arrangements that would allow employers to offer workers tax-exempt dollars to buy insurance in the individual market. (The Obama Administration banned this via regulation as part of the ACA.) This benefits small firms that lack the economies of scale that make offering insurance affordable.

This will allow more individuals the tax break on health care that employer insurance receives. Currently, only employer-provided plans receive the tax break – a glaring inequity of our current tax system.

Naturally, Democrats claim any change to ObamaCare undermines the ACA. The WSJ responds, “The reflexive response from Democrats is that this is another effort to undermine the Affordable Care Act, but they need a new script. The rule will draw more young and healthy workers into the individual market, which currently skews toward the sick or those poor enough to be eligible for tax-credit subsidies. Reimbursements should make the ObamaCare exchanges more stable, which is what Democrats claim to want.”

How many will be affected by this change?

The Trump Administration expects that some 800,000 employers will provide reimbursement arrangements to more than 10 million employees. Some three million will have been buying coverage on the individual market, meaning the rule should save the government money on increasingly expensive tax credits.

The Trump Administration has done other things to improve your healthcare. These other improvements include: (Trump Improvements in ObamaCare Helping Millions)

  • Short-term, limited duration plans (STLD) – These plans are free from most ObamaCare regulations, lowering their costs by 50 – 80 percent.
  • Renewable plans – These plans allow consumers to stay on their affordable coverage for up to 36 months and lock in low rates in their plans even if they get sick.
  • Ending the Individual Mandate – President Trump has already signed the legislation that will eliminate the onerous Individual Mandate, that forced all Americans to purchase healthcare insurance or pay a tax penalty, beginning in 2019.
  • Association Health Plans – The Trump administration Labor Department has made it easier for small businesses and self-employed Americans to band together to purchase more affordable insurance through these plans. (see earlier post ObamaCare Relief for Small Business)


The WSJ says there is even more good news. “There may be even more relief ahead with the recent announcement that Health and Human Services rescinded a 2015 guidance for Section 1332 waivers. This is the Affordable Care Act’s waiver process for states to opt out of parts of the law. But Democrats designed the waivers to ensure that only progressive fantasies like single-payer in Vermont could win approval. The Obama crowd then restricted the statute further in regulation.”

            The Trump Administration will interpret this in more rational ways, versus Obama guidance that applied the standards down to how plans would affect subpopulations in the state. The guidance was so prescriptive that most states didn’t bother coming up with ideas. The question now is how many enterprising Governors will decide they can do better than the status quo even within the restrictions.”


All of this good news has been lost in the campaign because Democrats want you to believe that Republicans are out to deny you coverage for pre-existing conditions. The media has parroted this false narrative so much the American public is believing it. By the time they figure out who has been lying to them they’ll be left standing in line waiting for their single-payer healthcare.

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