Heroes Are Not Selfish


Heroes are not selfish. No one was ever called a hero for helping himself or herself. Heroes think of others first. Sometimes they give their lives to save someone else.

Senator John C. McCain is considered a hero for his Vietnam war service – and rightly so. Sadly, that legacy is being tarnished today by his personal animosity to President Trump and his selfish need to strike back. He has subverted the will of his party and his state and even withheld support from a bill co-authored by his best friend in the Senate, Senator Lindsey Graham.

The Never Trump Triumvirate

McCain is just one of three senators who have repeatedly chosen personal agendas over the good of their state and their country. The other two include Senator Rand Paul (KY) and Senator Susan Collins (ME). Kimberley A. Strassel, columnist for The Wall Street Journal, calls them The Never Trump Triumvirate.

Tragically, McCain is fighting terminal brain cancer so his days in the limelight are limited. But rather than be known for securing the healthcare reform his state so desperately needs, he will be known as “the man who saved ObamaCare”, an ironic moniker for someone who ran his last campaign promising to repeal and replace it. Since Arizona has experienced insurance premium increases averaging 116% in the last year, it is clear he isn’t interested in what’s good for his state.

Just like McCain, the other two are putting personal vendettas and career motivations before the good of the country. Senator Paul has shown himself to be even less of a team player than his contrarian father, former Congressman Ron Paul. His objections to the current Graham-Cassidy healthcare bill defy logic from a man who always seems to consider himself “the smartest man in the room.” He seems determined to go down in flames in every vote as the only one who held pure to his ideological principles.

Strassel says Senator Collins is more concerned with running for Governor of Maine than what’s good for the country or her party. She says, “That potential campaign has guided her every move for at least a year now – perhaps her entire career – and was clearly among her reasons last summer to abandon her party’s nominee and publicly excoriate Mr. Trump. It is a basic precept in Washington that Senator Collins votes in whatever way best serves Senator Collins. Right now that means being Never Trump.”

While the press is blaming Trump, Senator Majority Leader Mitch McConnell and House Speaker Paul Ryan for the failures of the Republican Party, it is really all about these three senators who have become the de facto most powerful three people in Washington. They have brought down the Republican attempts to improve our healthcare system and it is likely they will have a similar impact on tax reform.

To put this in perspective, imagine the same thing had happened under President Obama. If three Democratic senators had objected to Obama’s healthcare reform bill, there would be no ObamaCare today.

Unfortunately, politics is a team sport. If the party doesn’t stick together it will accomplish very little of its agenda, no matter how good the policy. As anyone who has ever played team sports knows, “there’s no I in the word TEAM.” And no hero is remembered for what he did for himself, or herself.


  1. Thanks, Dr Bob. You’ve said what a lot of us have been thinking but have not yet said out loud. We should honor our heroes but at the same time remember they are still human and we all need to be held accountable to the truth from to to time.

    Comment by Steve U on October 3, 2017 at 4:47 pm

  2. Thanks for your comment and your support.

    Comment by Robert Roberts on October 3, 2017 at 6:18 pm