Hillary Exposes Her Real Liberal Roots


The real Hillary is being exposed. As a seasoned politician, she knows it’s best to appear to be a centrist to attract the widest possible support. But Bernie Sanders has ruined those plans.

Clinton finds herself in a much longer than expected primary race and Bernie keeps pushing her farther and farther left. As a result her true colors are showing. Like a woman who colors her hair, unless she sees her hairdresser regularly, eventually her roots begin to expose her deception.

Case in point is her stance on healthcare reform. When she was the First Lady under President Bill Clinton she was given the task of reforming healthcare. HillaryCare, as it came to be known, was an attempt to allow government to take over healthcare. Fortunately, her lack of transparency and utter contempt for the media led to her downfall and HillaryCare ended on the ash heap of legislative proposals.

Seventeen years later the Affordable Care Act was signed into law by President Obama and the roots of HillaryCare came back to life. But it didn’t completely convert us into a single-payer system like Canada, maintaining the private insurance system albeit under much more stringent government standards.

Enter Bernie Sanders, a socialist who has exceeded everyone’s expectations in this Democratic presidential primary season. Bernie is an outspoken proponent of socialized medicine (socialized everything), which he describes as “Medicare for everyone.” Although Sanders has no real chance of beating Clinton for the nomination (unless the FBI indicts her) his continued success into late May has forced Hillary to reveal her true ideology.

To counter Sanders’ effectiveness, Hillary is now calling for lowering the age of Medicare eligibility. She said people should be allowed to “buy into Medicare at a certain age” – details to come later. She suggested this might start at age 55 – but who’s to say it couldn’t be much younger eventually. How far is that from Bernie’s call for “Medicare for everyone?”

Don’t be fooled. This is no “Johnny come lately” epiphany for Hillary. She has always believed in government controlled healthcare and she would welcome a single-payer system just like Bernie Sanders. The only reason she has only expressed this opinion lately is because she knows it will polarize her from conservative voters in the general election. But she doesn’t want to appear any weaker than she already is by continuing to lose primaries to Sanders.

Hillary’s true liberal roots are exposed not only by this new stance on healthcare. She has also recently touted caps on a family’s income that pays for childcare with the government to pick up the rest of the tab. She also is promoting raising the income eligibility for Medicaid, doubling government spending on early education, creating a universal pre-school, and mandating 12 weeks of paid family leave.

The Wall Street Journal editorial board put it this way:

“Expand Medicare to new populations, keep raising income eligibility for Medicaid, and soon all of U.S. health care is a taxpayer commitment. Never mind that Medicare is already rapidly becoming unaffordable, despite President Obama’s Medicare tax increase. If families think day care and health care are “really expensive” now, wait until they have to pay for Mrs. Clinton’s government.”


You can color your hair any color you want, but eventually the roots are going to show. Then your true color is exposed.

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