Liberal Media Misunderstands Healthcare System Flaws


The liberal media is beginning to acknowledge the problems but failing to understand the solution. That solution cannot be found in more government.

Beth Kassab, Orlando Sentinel columnist, recently said, “But our system is a train wreck with thousands of private and public insurance companies plus individuals all paying different prices for the same procedure in the same town and even in the same hospital.” This statement clearly shows she understands we have a problem.

But in the same column she gives thanks to the Affordable Care Act (ACA) for the increased insurance coverage and criticizes Florida politicians who resisted the pressure to expand Medicaid coverage in our state. She does deserve credit, however, for acknowledging that ObamaCare has failed to lower medical costs.

The evidence for the failure of ObamaCare is all around us, and even its supporters are beginning to see the flaws. But they still think more government is the answer.

Kassab suggests we should consider healthcare systems in other countries like the United Kingdom, Sweden, and Canada where she says, “the government essentially offers one big public insurance program.” Yet she does admit that there are flaws in such systems, too.

Hillary Clinton would be delighted to give us “single-payer” healthcare like these countries and is campaigning for lowering the age of Medicare to 55 and lowering the out-of-pocket expense for all families to $5000. These are simply Band-Aids to keep us on track for eventual conversion to socialized medicine. What she won’t tell you is that this will inevitably lead to limited access to healthcare, which is the final result in all socialized systems.

The fundamental flaw in the reasoning of liberals like Clinton and Kassab is they believe that government is the solution to any problem. But the truth is just the opposite. President Ronald Reagan, in his inaugural address on January 20, 1981, said: “In this present crisis, government is not the solution to our problem; government is the problem.”

This famous statement is an accurate description of the problems we face with our healthcare system. Government created ObamaCare, a system that mandates how much coverage every American must have, mandates that every American must purchase insurance or face a tax penalty, and mandates what every insurance company must provide if it wants to compete in this marketplace.

Furthermore, that same government mandates that every American must be covered with insurance, regardless of their pre-existing medical conditions, but then doesn’t permit insurance companies to use actuarial analysis to properly price that coverage. The inevitable result is insurance companies losing millions of dollars, and premium prices and deductibles rising inexhoritably.

The ACA has certainly increased the number of Americans who have insurance coverage – but that coverage leaves many of them with deductibles so high they can’t afford to get healthcare. Millions of more Americans are now covered with Medicaid, but saddled with second-class healthcare that limits their access to treatment without providing improved healthcare outcomes.

The solution to this train wreck is less government with fewer mandates, more consumer choices provided by more competition in the marketplace, and incentives for patients to take greater control of their health. But the first step will require a new president that understands the problem like Ronald Reagan did.

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