Middle Class Healthcare


The quality of your healthcare depends on your economic class. That’s a sad truth but reality. But it isn’t unique to America.

Progressives that support socialized medicine think that system eliminates this problem. They believe socialized medicine guarantees quality healthcare regardless of economic status. But single-payer systems in Canada and the United Kingdom still offer two levels of healthcare; one for the rich and another for everyone else.

The problem of poor access to healthcare for the poor is so well known in Britain that the press refers to the NHS as a “postcode lottery”. They mean a person’s chances for timely, high-quality treatment depends on the neighborhood or “postcode” in which he or she lives. The Guardian sums up the situation with this statement, “Generally speaking, the poorer you are and the more socially deprived your area, the worse your care and access is likely to be.”

In our country we have three levels of healthcare; the poor, the rich, and the middle class. Which one is getting the worst deal?

The Poor

Let’s look at the poor first. ObamaCare failed to achieve many of its promises but it did increase the number of people with healthcare insurance by about 20 million. Most of these people are on the expanded rolls of Medicaid and the rest are receiving private healthcare insurance they purchase on the ObamaCare exchanges at low, heavily-subsidized prices. You could say that all of these 20 million have benefited from ObamaCare. These people are all poor by definition because they are eligible for Medicaid or ObamaCare exchange subsidies.


The Rich

The rich will always be able to purchase the healthcare they need, regardless of the system. ObamaCare has not really affected them; most of them have employer-provided healthcare insurance, Medicare, or top-quality private insurance they can easily afford to purchase. They can travel to the best hospitals and doctors anywhere in the world for their healthcare. This is true in our country and in every other country, regardless of their healthcare system.


The Middle Class

The middle class is most affected by ObamaCare. The middle class makes too much money to qualify for ObamaCare exchange subsidies or Medicaid, but not enough to afford high-priced healthcare insurance premiums and deductibles. They must pay the full price of inflated premiums driven up by ObamaCare mandates and regulations. They bear the full burden of a system designed to make the young and healthy pay for the old and sick.

They can no longer customize their healthcare coverage for their specific needs due to ObamaCare regulations. The result is that many of these people have chosen to go without healthcare insurance because the premiums and deductibles are just too high for their budgets. ObamaCare has taken away their healthcare.

The irony of this situation is that the Democrats who designed and passed ObamaCare don’t understand its impact on the middle class. Recently, the Trump administration announced plans to replace ObamaCare with a better plan. In response, Senate Minority Leader, Chuck Schumer (D – NY) said, “Well, I say, ‘God help the middle class.’ What, dare I ask, is their plan?”

Clearly, Senator Schumer has no idea how badly his plan has treated the middle class. Anything Republicans propose would be an improvement over ObamaCare for the middle class.


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