ObamaCare Fears Unrealistic


The news media relishes fear. Fear makes better headlines than reassurance. How else to explain the recent rash of news articles stoking the fears of average Americans concerning the repeal of ObamaCare?

Take for instance the article written recently in the Orlando Sentinel by liberal columnist Beth Kassab. With a headline “Outlook here bleak if ObamaCare is repealed” it is clear that Kassab is more interested in promoting fear than reassurance that healthcare will get better.

You would think that the news media would welcome a change in a healthcare system that is disapproved by the majority of Americans and has been ever since it was passed in 2009. You might hope they would welcome the chance to share the exciting possibilities to improve a system that is clearly failing the people it was intended to help. An unbiased media would do that – but we all know the media has long ago lost its reputation for being unbiased.

The truth is that healthcare improvement is coming – and not a minute too soon. With healthcare insurance premiums going up an average of 25% this year and with deductibles in the $6000 range for individuals and $12,000 for families, any change is welcome. The bar is set incredibly low for Republicans to improve on ObamaCare.

The nomination of Dr. Tom Price, Congressman from Georgia, to be the next HHS Secretary shows that President-elect Trump is serious about healthcare reform. Price has superb credentials for taking the helm of the ship of healthcare reform and the compassion and experience as a doctor and legislator to get the job done right. He has his own legislative plan to replace ObamaCare called The Empowering Patients First Act (HR – 2300) and you can review his plan if you’re interested in the details. There is no reason whatsoever for Americans to be fearful of this change.

House Speaker Paul Ryan is also a long-time proponent of improving our healthcare system and has his own plan, too. Together, Ryan and Price are sure to bring a comprehensive plan to Congress to solve the many problems of ObamaCare. Finally we have an administration willing to state the obvious – that ObamaCare is failing the American people – and the expertise and conviction to do something about it.

I have already outlined in this blog (see recent archives) the ways that the Republican plan will improve on ObamaCare. It should actually increase coverage of more Americans, lower the costs, increase flexibility in choosing your own plan and your own doctor, preserve religious freedom and improve access to healthcare. The plan will also continue to provide coverage of pre-existing medical conditions and for children up to the age of 26 on their parents’ plan. President-elect Trump has been on the record already as supporting these popular features of ObamaCare.

Republicans are certainly aware of people’s concerns regarding gaps in coverage with the replacement of ObamaCare and it would be political suicide to allow those fears to become reality. Only a liberal media determined to sow seeds of discord, or just desperate to sell newspapers, would give people reason to be concerned about such fears.


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