The Next Real Threat to America


What is the next real threat to the future of America?

If you asked Democrats this question they would probably start with President Donald Trump, then list global warming and the repeal of ObamaCare. If you asked Republicans the same question they would probably respond with the national debt, radical Islamic terrorism and illegal immigration.

A Frightening Survey

But Dr. George Barna may have revealed the next real threat to our country in a recent survey conducted by the American Culture and Faith Institute. This survey indicates a tectonic shift is occurring in the political preferences of the American population.

The survey revealed that most Americans, 58 percent, call themselves politically moderate, while 25 percent say they are conservative and 17 percent consider themselves to be liberal. While this shows a shift toward the middle of the political spectrum, these numbers are not in themselves alarming.

The most alarming change, according to Barna, is that four out of ten adults say they prefer socialism to capitalism. Barna said, “That is a large minority and it includes a majority of the liberals – who will be pushing for a completely different economic model to dominate our nation. That is the stuff of civil wars. It ought to set off alarm bells among more traditionally-oriented leaders across the nation.”

There was also a confusing result when judged by usual terminology. Two-thirds of liberals said they support traditional moral values. But this same group supports same-sex marriage, legalized abortion, socialism over capitalism, believes all people are basically good, and nearly one in five identifies as LGBT.

Barna says, “It’s hard to imagine which ‘traditional moral values’ they are referring to. This oddity does, however, reflect how the ideological Left consistently appropriates language and imputes new meaning to terms that are known and popular. The survey data raise the possibility that liberals may redefine ‘traditional moral values’ to include beliefs and behaviors that are not at all traditional – or moral, from a biblical perspective.”

This misappropriation of language is currently being used by Senate Democratic Minority Leader Chuck Schumer to mischaracterize Supreme Court Justice nominee Neil Gorsuch as “out of the mainstream.” Nothing could be further from the truth.

Gorsuch is a highly–qualified U.S. Appeals Court Justice who was unanimously approved to that court by the Senate ten years ago. In over 2700 cases his opinions have been with the majority in over 99% of the cases and 97% of those opinions of the court were unanimous. He is the very essence of a “mainstream judge.” Yet liberals try to misrepresent him by their misappropriation of language.

Ignorance of Socialism

The rising popularity of socialism shows an increasing ignorance, especially in young adults, of the evils of this economic system. Dave Nammo, writing in The National Review, says “When you consider current trends in cultural norms and widely held beliefs, you will see that we are headed toward the end of the American experiment.”

He believes the popularity of presidential candidate Bernie Sanders is not the cause of this cultural shift but an indicator of it. He says, “Many Americans have forgotten the lessons of the Cold War and the disasters witnessed in the crumbling economies and failed polities of Communist and socialist countries in the 1990s. Communism was on its last leg, it appeared, and its little brother socialism was not far behind.”

This trend is being stoked in the classrooms of liberal professors all across our nation. Nammo says, “The “benefits” of socialism and communism are taught from the Ivy League to the local community college. A generation has been taught a lie, and they now believe it.”

This lie is being perpetuated by Democrats in Congress who are defending ObamaCare. They purport to be eager to work with Republicans to “fix” ObamaCare rather than repeal it. But their “solutions” will simply lead to socialized medicine – which has been their goal for over a hundred years.

What they won’t divulge is the truth about socialized medicine. Just as socialism has been tried and failed in multiple countries in the past, leading to class warfare, economic stagnation, food shortages, and repression, socialized medicine has also failed wherever it has been adopted.

Those capitalist countries like Canada, Great Britain, and Sweden, which adopted socialized medicine, have experienced poorer healthcare outcomes mostly due to long waits for treatment of even serious medical conditions. The common denominator in all socialized medical systems is decreased access to healthcare.

Those who are ignorant of history are destined to repeat it. Those who fail to learn the hard lessons of socialism are destined to experience those lessons themselves.

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