The ObamaCare Replacement Plan – Part I


The death of a dream can be hard to take. Liberal progressives have been pining for socialized medicine for over a hundred years. The passage of ObamaCare was a significant further step toward that goal (though none dared to admit that). The election of Donald Trump means the death of that dream, at least in the foreseeable future.

Those who have really studied the impact of socialized medicine on other countries understand that would be a disaster for the American people. While people laud the availability of free healthcare in other countries, they fail to realize those citizens must cope with ridiculous waiting times to receive care, a lower standard of treatment, and poorer healthcare outcomes. American deserves better.

But the progressive outrage over their fallen dream has prompted outrageous panic and dire predictions of chaos in the healthcare system. While the skyrocketing healthcare insurance premiums expected to rise 25% or more in 2017 may have given rise to panic before the election, the defeat of Hillary Clinton should give all Americans cause for hope. Ironically, it is the repeal and replacement of ObamaCare that should reassure Americans there is no need for such panic.

A Replacement Plan

Last post (Republicans Ready to Repeal/Replace ObamaCare) I listed at least eight healthcare replacement plans that Republicans have put forth in the past. The pros and cons of most of these plans have been debated for years. Fortunately, this debate has refined the plans to establish the most effective plan for achieving the goals of replacement.

Healthcare economist John C. Goodman has been an important voice in the debate over healthcare reform for many years. Recently he has worked with Representative Pete Sessions (R -TX) and Senator Bill Cassidy (R- LA) to develop a replacement plan that solves the many problems of ObamaCare without raising the cost to the government.

President-elect Trump has said he wants three things in a replacement plan:

  • Replace ObamaCare with a much better reform
  • Cover everyone, leaving no one without access to care
  • Do all this with money already being spent in the system (no new taxes or spending)


All three of these goals can be accomplished with the Sessions-Cassidy plan. Even more importantly, this plan solves the three broken promises of ObamaCare:

  • Universal coverage
  • Cost control
  • Real protection for people with pre-existing conditions


Also important, this plan does not affect:

  • Medicare
  • Employer-provided insurance
  • Medicaid
  • Union contracts for healthcare


However, it does provide a plan that many will choose to replace Medicaid and even union contracts, and possibly put cash in the pockets of some who are healthy and decide not to purchase expensive coverage. It also will level the playing field for taxation of healthcare insurance premiums that has been unfairly applied since World War II. Furthermore, it will end government mandates, IRS penalties for failure to purchase insurance and infringement upon religious freedom.

(Next post I will discuss how this plan improves on ObamaCare.)

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