To Trump or Not to Trump?


Like many Americans, I struggled to believe we couldn’t come up with two better candidates for president than Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump.

These two candidates have divided our nation and our political parties. Roughly speaking, about half of the Democratic Party wants Clinton and the other half wants Senator Bernie Sanders. On the Republican side about half of the Party wants Trump and the other half wanted someone else. That leaves both of the presidential nominees with about half of their party’s support.

Of course, all that will soon change as both parties try to unite behind their respective candidate. The one who achieves greater unification will probably win.

I won’t even try to convince those who are supporting Hillary Clinton to vote for Donald Trump. But if you’re an Independent or Republican who hasn’t yet decided to support Trump, then pay attention. This column is for you.

Two of my favorite columnists for The Wall Street Journal are Bret Stephens and William McGurn. Both are astute writers who usually can be counted upon for keen analysis and insight. Recently, both used their column to assess the Trump candidacy but with different conclusions.

Stephens opposes Trump on traditional conservative principles. He says, “What’s at stake in Cleveland isn’t the identity of the next president. It’s the identity of the GOP; its ideas, its leaders, its followers. Above all, its character.”

McGurn, however, is more realistic. He emphasizes the real stakes at hand: “What’s the case for Donald Trump? . . . The alternative is President Hillary Clinton.” In every evaluation of Trump’s character and readiness for the office of president we must never forget the alternative is Hillary Clinton!

McGurn makes the following points:

  • The Economy – Zero reason to believe Clinton will improve on the Obama record of stagnation for the last eight years. She wants to increase taxes and spending even more than Obama.
  • Trade – Hillary was for the Trans-Pacific Partnership before she opposed it. She seems to take her cues from Bernie Sanders as she leans even farther left.
  • Social issues – The moderation of Bill Clinton is long gone. Hillary will push the abortion agenda even farther, double-down on restricting religious freedom that forces nuns to supply contraceptives, and compel little girls to use bathrooms preferred by transsexuals who identify as women. McGurn calls Mrs. Clinton “the culture war on steroids.”
  • Foreign Affairs – The Russian Re-set, Benghazi, the Iran Deal. Expect more of the incompetence of the Obama administration.
  • Regulatory Activism – Expect more of the regulatory explosion that we’ve seen with Obama in the EPA, NLRB, IRS, and other government entities that are changing our lives without judicial approval. Look for more Lois Lerners and Elizabeth Warrens in her future.


McGurn concludes with these words:

Fair enough to argue that Mr. Trump represents a huge risk. But honesty requires that this risk be weighed against a clear-eyed look at the certainties a Hillary Clinton administration would bring.”

Exactly. When you consider the alternative is Hillary Clinton, then Donald Trump looks a lot better. It really boils down to this – The Supreme Court. Do you really want Hillary Clinton choosing the next two or even five Supreme Court justices? If she does, this country will never be the same again.

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  1. I really enjoyed reading your thoughts, and that of others, on this very important subject, the election. As a Republican, there is no other choice but Trump, and I believe he will surround himself with good people to help him lead this country! It is my job to vote and to pray for this land. Another four years of regulations hurting small businesses and foolish regulations concerning the carbon foot print, only hurts the poor and middle class in this country and many on the left will become rich if it succeeds. This madness has to come to an end. Trump is the man be have, like it or not!

    Comment by Caren Bell on July 26, 2016 at 3:51 pm